Online Purchase Order

We've listened to your request and want to simplify your workflow. now offers online PO processing.


Click here to go to [email protected] where you can easily send us your Purchase Order.


You will quickly receive a confirmation email letting you know your PO was received and that we are processing your order. Our highly qualified customer service team will then enter your order and let you know when it ships.

Use as a resource for factory direct pricing, inventory checks and QC documents. Then simply email your PO to [email protected]. Now you can get back to all your other daily demands and let do your leg work.


Using a program like Quick Books for purchase orders? Follow these simple instructions to email it to us:

To do this task:

Open or create the purchase order you want to send.

Send the purchase order now.

On the Main tab at the top of the form, click the Email drop-down arrow and select Purchase Order to send just the purchase order. Select Purchase Order and Files to include all files that are attached to the transaction (via the Doc Center). Your email program opens with the invoice attached to the email.

(Optional) Edit the email, if necessary. When you're ready, send the email.