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MSM 20-40 Mesh
Available now for as low as $2.70/kg with free samples.

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           MSM 40-80 Mesh
          As low as $2.70/kg*
Potassium Chloride
As low as $1.45/kg*
Spirulina (Organic)
As low as $7.75/kg*
Barley Grass Powder (Organic)
As low as $6.50/kg*
L-Arginine AKG 2:1 Dihydrate
As low as $13.50/kg*
DHEA regular (Wild Yam source)
As low as $260.00/kg*
TwinTiger Glutathione Reduced
Available now for as low as $180.00/kg with online QC Docs one click away. As always, QA/QC docs come with each and every ingredient for R&D teams.
Why Shop at brings you the highest quality ingredients with the lowest prices. Beginning with a very comprehensive QA/QC program, we conduct a thorough evaluation of every factory. Our in-house auditing team performs site inspections of every factory and only selects leading factories with quality ingredients as our partners. The next step is to bring those visually inspected ingredients to our in-house laboratory where our QC team conducts a variety of tests. Finally, ingredients are shipped to the U.S. where they are sent out for 3rd party testing by highly respected U.S. labs.