IO Updates: Customer Service

IO Updates: Customer Service

IO Updates

Serving our customers remains our priority

2020 continues to be a year full of challenges and growth. As with many companies, the COVID-19 pandemic resulted in our Customer Service team moving to remote status. Additionally, we moved our corporate office and warehouse to new and larger locations. Typically, you would not wish these two things to occur simultaneously, however, these changes have been seamless when it comes to providing service to our customers.

Our Customer Service team has remained fully staffed and available through phone, email, and online chat to provide prompt support to our customers, and we continue to process and release orders on time. All online orders are processed and released to our shipping department within 30-40 minutes from time received. As soon as an order is fulfilled, the order will update in the account to “Complete” with the ingredient COA automatically becoming available for our customers’ convenience and quick reference.

Our online chat has also been improved with a 60 second maximum response time. However, our Customer Service team is averaging a response time within 30 seconds. We encourage all our customers to utilize our online chat – this is a separate channel of service we provide when shopping online. We can support any questions while you browse our platform. Online chat can be found on the bottom left corner of your screen at – just look for the “Chat With Us!” tab.

COVID continues to put us out of our comfort zone, challenging us to look at different ways of operating our department to still meet company and customer expectations no matter the situation. We are proud to see that our customers continue to receive the attention and service they deserve as we move orders out on time, stock more ingredients to better support customer needs, and continue to work on improving our procedures to benefit our customers.

No matter the difficulties and challenges we face, our customers can rest assured will always work to find a prompt solution for better assistance. Please reach out to us anytime to let us know how we can better assist you.

Customer satisfaction is and will always be our number one goal!



Elizabeth Suro

by Elizabeth Suro

Customer Service Manager
[email protected]


Elizabeth Suro is the Customer Service Manager with over 25 years' experience and has worked in the Dietary Supplement industry for the last 12 years. Elizabeth has been with since its inception in 2014.

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