Annual Bidding

Maybe you can't warehouse ingredients due to high inventory costs or warehouse space. What you're looking for is the guarantee of a continuous supply of quality ingredients from leading, approved factories; delivered to you when you need it, keeping your manufacturing schedule on time. has your answer with our Annual Bid[email protected]


We've partnered with leading global factories for a consistent supply of quality ingredients with U.S. Stock at Factory Direct pricing

These leading factories and will provide factory of origin documentation with full transparency, along with outstanding customer service. We will take this time consuming and costly burden off your plate. You can specify what quantity you want shipped and when, we will hold the balance of your order until your next specified ship date for up to 24 months!  It's as easy as sending an email.  

Just click on one of these - [email protected] or [email protected] and we will send you immediate confirmation of your request.