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Stevia P.E. 97% Rebaudioside A (20kg Drum) by Sichuan Ingia Biosynthetic Co., Ltd.

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Product Overview

Stevia is a natural sugar reduction ingredient, which has received extensive attention in the past few decades. The new generation of stevia produced by INGIA,such as Reb M and Reb D have a more refreshing taste and can be used without any masking agent. This stevia can be used as a "natural flavor" in the formula to enhance the sweetness of sugar and reduce the sugar content. Furthermore, it can also be used to mask the smell of other ingredients, such as CBD and THC. Traditional leaf extracts of various purity levels (99%, 97%, 80%, 60%) to help reduce sugar and calories.
Sichuan Ingia Biosynthetic Co., Ltd.

General Details

Product Name
Stevia P.E. 97% Rebaudioside A (20kg Drum) by Sichuan Ingia Biosynthetic Co., Ltd.
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Product Highlights

Product Hightlights
  • Botanical Source: Stevia Rebaudiana (Bertoni)
  • Part Used: Leaf
  • Great solubility and stability
  • Zero calorie, great sweet sugar like taste
  • Wide range of product application for sugar reduction
  • Best sugar-like zero calorie natural sweetener and flavor enhancer
  • PH and heat stable, popular sugar substitute and stable supply


General Shelf Life (MTH)
Soluble in water
Package Type
20 kg Drum

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