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  • 5,000+ North American pre-qualified, registered members
  • 150+ new users every month
  • 74% buyer reorder rate
  • 1000+ ingredients available
  • 250+ factories represented
Save time

Save Time and Let Us Do the Leg Work

  • Warehouse ingredients in 2 U.S. locations
  • Invoice your buyers, collect payments and pay you
  • Pick, pack and ship your ingredients
  • Handle pre-shipment inspections
  • Manage sample request fulfillment
  • Provide customer service including returns
  • Collect, review and provide access to post your listing with QC documents

We Handle the Marketing

  • Global exhibiting strategy and presence at 30+ trade shows and sourcing events
  • Comprehensive annual digital, print, video and email marketing campaigns
  •™ executives visit top customers
  • Expert sales and customer service teams in-house
  • Additional marketing opportunities to boost your ingredient visibility
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