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Pureway-C® (Granular Powder) by One Innovations Labs

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The product is called PureWay-C™ from One Innovation Labs, a developer, manufacturer, and wholesale supplier of nutraceutical ingredients for the natural products industry. PureWay-C is a proprietary bioavailable lipid-soluble vitamin C, produced from a mixture of ascorbic acid, lipid metabolites, and bioflavonoids.

This powerful combination was specifically developed about 20 years ago by Pedro Perez, a chemical engineer who was looking for a way to significantly boost vitamin C absorption, as well as prolong blood and tissue retention of this vital micronutrient.

The lipid metabolites, which are fats derived from vegetable sources, are vital components of cell membranes and essential in the regulation and control of cellular function. In PureWay-C™, the lipid metabolites function as ascorbic acid carriers to increase intestinal absorption and vascular distribution of vitamin C, as well as enhance cellular uptake kinetics, which allows ascorbic acid to enter cells more quickly in a safe and effective manner. One Innovation Labs uses that same proprietary liquid metabolite delivery technology in all of its products.

The addition of bioflavonoids, polyphenolic compounds found in plants, assists in the bioavailability and provides an antioxidant punch. The citrus bioflavonoids in PureWay-C™ shield vitamin C from oxidizers in the body and support the ability to protect against health challenges associated with chronic inflammation, improve immune system function, and help heal wounds.

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Clinical Research

Several peer-reviewed research papers attest to the superior bioavailability and bioactivity of PureWay-C™against other types of vitamin C, including simple ascorbic acid, calcium ascorbate and calcium ascorbate-calcium threonate-dehydroascorbate, known as Ester-C.

A Selection of PureWay-C™ Peer-Reviewed Research

A Study on Superior Absorption and Retention

A human study conducted by researchers from the University of Miami School of Medicine measured the absorption levels of those four sources. The researchers found that the average serum vitamin C level was higher in the group taking PureWay-C for a 24-hour period the following intake.13 The study consisted of healthy volunteers who went on a two-week-long vitamin C-restricted diet and then received a single 1,000 mg supplement of vitamin C taking either PureWay-C or one of the other three vitamin C forms.

Importantly, there were no adverse effects of PureWay-C. “A lot of vitamin C is associated with giving people upset stomach, diarrhea, and epigastric pain,” noted Ryan Bishop, senior sales manager at One Innovation Labs, of the clinical trial in which participants were surveyed each day about adverse effects on the stomach.

The University of Miami School of Medicine researchers also determined that the level of inflammatory biomarkers (C-reactive protein) and oxidized low-density lipoprotein (LDL) decreased when healthy volunteers took PureWay-C.14 Researchers found that 24 hours after intake of PureWay-C the serum level of C-reactive protein decreased 15.6% and oxidized LDL dropped 8.4%.

The principal investigator from the University of Miami study, Dr. Dario Pancorbo, MD, said the study demonstrates that PureWay-C is more rapidly absorbed by the body and retained for longer periods of time than any other vitamin C formulations.

A Separate Study on Absorption Rates

Adelphi University in New York also compared cellular uptake rates of PureWay-C against other forms of vitamin C, including Ester-C. The absorption was measured in a human lymphoblastic cell line using a spectrophotometric technique. The race wasn’t very close. The vitamin C-lipid metabolites in PureWay-C showed a 233% increase of uptake compared to ascorbic acid through the first 45 minutes. Ester-C clocked in at a 189% increase.

In addition, the vitamin C-lipid metabolites demonstrated potent antioxidant (12% higher) and significant free radical scavenging (11% higher) capabilities.17 The authors noted, “Vitamin C-lipid metabolites are excellent antioxidants and free radical scavengers and are more rapidly absorbed and lead to higher cellular vitamin C than do calcium ascorbate-calcium threonate-dehydroascorbate or any other tested vitamin C formulation.

A Study on Protection Against Toxins

A larger team of researchers at Adelphi University further investigated the link between PureWay- C’s immune-modulation capabilities and similar environmental toxins. In that study, the researchers tested the efficacy of the lipid metabolite formulation with Natramune, another immune-boosting proprietary ingredient from One Innovation Labs that consists of an all-natural hemicellulose nutrient mixture.

The study found that the combination of those two ingredients protects T-cells from a type of cellular adhesion associated with inflammation, suggesting the possibility that dietary supplementation with Natramune and PureWay-C provides anti-inflammatory protection against exposure to common household pollutants like pesticides.

“Due to the increasing use of household chemicals, it may be important to reconsider the nutritional requirements and incorporate dietary supplements, such as Natramune and PureWay-C as a routine barrier to xenobiotic-induced disease,” the authors wrote.

A Study on Nerve Regeneration and Wound Healing

Last, but certainly not least, vitamin C delivered by PureWay-C has shown in a peer-reviewed study using cell cultures to significantly promote nerve regeneration and stimulate wound healing. When compared with other ascorbate brands, PureWay-C treatment drove nerve regeneration 12-fold more efficiently and wound healing three-fold more efficiently. Specifically, enhanced neurite outgrowth reached 12% within one hour of treatment of neuronal cells and 45% of the cells extended neurites by hour nine. Ester-C showed zero activity on neuronal cells in the first hour and only 15% extended neurites after nine hours.

Overall, the cells treated with PureWay-C maintained a measurable difference compared to Ester-C, ascorbic acid, and calcium ascorbate over a 24-hour period. “The ability of PureWay-C to quickly affect cultured cell behavior is an indication of its rapid cellular uptake and improved activity,” the authors concluded.

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PureWay-C™ - Antioxidant Super Nutrient

Product Overview

PureWay-C® is different than other forms of vitamin C because it includes naturally derived lipid metabolites of lipid triglycerides and citrus bioflavonoids to enhance the uptake, distribution and release kinetics of ascorbic acid. The lipid metabolites are derived from safe plant sources, and mixed with ascorbic acid during the manufacturing process.

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Pureway-C® (Granular Powder) by One Innovations Labs
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  • Starting Materials: L-ascorbic Acid, Lipid Metabolites, Citrus Bioflavonoids
  • Appearance: Powder, Off-White to Tan
  • Processing Method: Mixing/Encapsulation


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