Olefresh™ Olive Pit Powder by Boundary Bend Wellness

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Product Overview

Olive Pit Powder is upcycling at its finest. After pressing our olives to make the finest Extra Virgin Olive Oil, we’re left with what’s known as pomace. We separate out the olive pits, then heat and dry them in order to create a beautiful tan powder that is void of microbial contamination and moisture that could be harmful in a finished cosmetic product. This powder makes a wonderful exfoliant that can be incorporated into natural liquid and bar soaps, washes, cleansers and scrubs. The size of particle can be customized per the application—facial or body use.

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Olefresh™ Olive Pit Powder by Boundary Bend Wellness
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Product Highlights

Product Hightlights
  • Appearance: Dark beige, free flowing powder
  • Starting Material: Olive fruit
  • Plant Part Used: Seed
  • Processing Method:Grinding


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