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Lucarotin® 10 CWD/O PLUS by Basf

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Product Overview

Fine, free-flowing, brown-red powder with a mild characteristic odor.

One of the advantages of Lucarotin 10 CWD/O Plus is its excellent dispersibility in cold water, thereby saving time and energy otherwise required for heating the product. The powder disperses very readily at room temperature in aqueous media to form a fine disperson of beta-carotene particles. The powder can either be added directly during the production process or added slowly to 20-100 times its weight of water. Stock dispersions are prepared by slowly scattering the product into stirred water in the required proportions. They should always be prepared for immediate use only.

Lucarotin 10 CWD/O Plus is particularly suitable for use as a colorant in fruit juices, fruit beverages, lemonades, and other products based on fruit juice concentrates, which may also contain ascorbic acid. In addition, it can be used as a colorant in instant drink powders, confectionery, candied fruits, biscuits, chewing gum, ice cream, custard powder, soup powders, milk shakes, fermented milk products, pasta, cheese, etc., as long as the use of beta-carotene as a colorant in any of these producys in not forbidden by law.

Due to its excellent dispersibility in cold media, the product is suitable for use in vitamin mixtures for the fortification of foods with provitamin A.

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Product Name
Lucarotin® 10 CWD/O PLUS by Basf
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Product Highlights

Product Hightlights
  • Starting Material: Beta-carotene
  • Appearance: Fine, Free-Flowing, Brown-Red Powder
  • Processing Method: Evaporation and Sieving


General Shelf Life (MTH)
Chemical Formula
The product can be scattered into stirred cold water, to obtain a fine dispersion (CWD = cold water dispersible) with an orange color (O = orange)

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