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L‐Arginine HCL by Daesang Corp. Gunsan Plant

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Product Overview

Arginine Hydrochloride is the hydrochloride salt form of arginine, an essential amino acid in juvenile humans. Arginine is a complex amino acid, often found at active sites in proteins and enzymes due to its amine-containing side chain. Arginine may prevent or treat heart and circulatory diseases, combat fatigue, and stimulate the immune system. It also boosts production of nitric oxide, relaxing blood vessels, and treating angina and other cardiovascular problems. Arginine is also an important intermediate in the urea cycle and in detoxification of nitrogenous wastes.

Daesang Corp. Gunsan Plant

General Details

Product Name
L‐Arginine HCL by Daesang Corp. Gunsan Plant
Country of Origin
United States

Product Highlights

Product Hightlights
  • Starting Materials: Sugar/Corn/Molasses
  • Appearance: White crystals or nearly white crystalline powder
  • Processing Method: Fermentation


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