Know your factory

Before, it was difficult for buyers to gather all the information necessary to verify the respectability of the factory producing the ingredient. Our team has spent decades researching overseas facilities and verifying both the quality control and the humanity of our factories.

  • We audit each factory.
  • We inspect working conditions and the treatment of employees.
  • We insist on emissions controls.
  • We verify quality control, including production processes, sample management, testing capabilities and document control.
  • We track preferred origins so you can stay in compliance with cGMPs.
  • We analyze the R&D capabilities of the company, including whether it’s investing resources in new technology and building relationships with universities and institutions. 

Know your ingredients

Now it’s possible to know exactly what you’re getting when you order ingredients from overseas factories. Using our innovative online platform, you can:

  • Request ingredient samples
  • Download documentation on ingredient origin and traceability
  • Verify ingredient identity
  • Download independent test data
  • Review QA/QC documents

Know your cost

The savings are considerable. Take advantage of two ways to save with

  • Pricing is tiered by volume. The more you buy, the more you save, but everyone pays the same tier price.
  • We offer reward points, turning every buyer into a hero who can help your company save millions. Our reward system is easy to use and guarantees continuous savings on every order.


The bottom line?’s Triple Value Advantage offers convenience, savings and quality you can trust.