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Hydrolyzed Kollagen I.V.X.HEM™ (Eggshell Membrane Collagen) by Certified Nutraceuticals

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Collagen Types I, V, X, are powerful compounds found in eggshell membrane accounting for 15% to 20% of the total collagen. Eggshell membrane contains about 100 parts of Type I collagen to 1 part Type V collagen and contains the rare Type X collagen. Type I collagen is very important in bone and skin development and maintenance, Type V collagen is required for assimilation of Type I, while Type X collagen protects the embryo and other important tissues. kollaGenI.V.X.HEM™ Eggshell Membrane Powder (patent pending) is the result of more than a quarter of a Century of Collagen food supplement research. Certifed Nutraceuticals highly experienced innovation team, under the management of the original collagen family, has created this new unique collagen product extracted from Eggshell Membrane without the use of harsh chemicals.

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Q. What country is Kollagen I.V.X.HEM™ sourced from?
A. Kollagen I.V.X.HEM™ is sourced from the United States.

Q. What is the main application of Kollagen I.V.X.HEM™
A. It is mainly used for skin elasticity, joint pain and to treat inflammation.

Recommended Usage:

Eggshell Membrane Powder for Joint Pains
The membrane is an excellent source of several nutrients like glucosamine, collagen, chondroitin, hyaluronic acid as well as amino acids, which are known to play an essential role in offering relief from joint pain and tightness as well as connective tissue disorders. Extracts coming from the membrane may also help to ease osteoarthritis symptoms, according to a 2009 study.

Clinical Research

Published Clinical Research

Intellectual Property


US Patent

Collagen mixture and method of making the same
US 8344106 B1
Issue Date : Jan 1, 2011
Inventors : Dana Summers, Robert den Hoed
Assignee : Robert den Hoed


This invention is directed to creating a collagen mixture and more specifically, without limitation, creating a collagen mixture of unhydrolyzed eggshell membrane with LOS with Avian collagen.

Consumer Market

Second Human Clinical Study Confirms Hydrolyzed Kollagen I.V.X.HEM™ Efficacy With Only 500mg/daily - For Skin, Wound Healing & Connective Tissue Disorders
January 24, 2014

Certified Nutraceuticals, Inc. is pleased to announce the positive results of the 60 day Human Clinical Study for the efficacy of the supplement Kollagen I.V.X.HEM™ (100% Hydrolyzed Collagen Avian Egg Membrane - Patent Pending).

Scientific human clinical study confirms Kollagen I.V.X.HEM™ for skin efficacy, wound healing & connective tissue disorders
October 28, 2013

Certified Nutraceuticals, Inc. is pleased to announce the positive initial results of the ongoing Human Clinical Studies for the efficacy of the supplement Kollagen I.V.X.HEM™ (100% Hydrolyzed Avian Egg Membrane)

The Chicken & The Egg Came At The Same Time! Certified Nutraceuticals Introduces Incredible New Inventionegg Cell Membrane - kollaGen I.V.X.HEM™
May 29, 2012

Certified Nutraceuticals, Inc. is pleased to announce the introduction of kollaGen I.V.X.HEM™ extracted from egg cell membrane. The original collagen family with over quarter of a century of collagen research has created this very unique collagen.Our advantage is the proprietary patent pending process and purification technology. This process removes the thin pink membrane from the eggshell without using harsh chemicals to unlock the covalent bonds. Chemical spotentially damage the delicate nutrients found in egg cell tissues. The new extraction preserves all the natural antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory, and hyaluronic acid compounds.

Product Overview

  • Promotes skin collagen renewal & repair
  • Promotes fibroblast activity for skin elasticity
  • Supports pain management associated with joint disease
  • Decreases skin and body inflammation
  • Increase joint mobility

General Details

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Hydrolyzed Kollagen I.V.X.HEM™ (Eggshell Membrane Collagen) by Certified Nutraceuticals
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Product Highlights

Product Hightlights
  • Starting Material: Avian (Chicken Eggshell Membrane)
  • Processing Method: Drying


General Shelf Life (MTH)
Soluble in water.

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