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Guarana Seed CFP by American Botanicals

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Guarana Seed is known to botanists as Paullinia cupana, and is part of a botanical family that includes the maple and the horse chestnut. Unlike its temperate relatives however, pure Guarana Seed is a natural herb produced from a climbing shrub native to Brazil's Amazon basin. Guarana features large leaves with clusters of flowers and has become most well know known for the seeds of its fruit. Guarana Seed is about the size of a coffee berry. Most notable about the Paullinia cupana seed is its use is that it contains about twice the caffeine found in coffee beans.

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Guarana Seed CFP by American Botanicals
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  • Starting Materials: Seed
  • Appearance: Light to dark brown in color
  • Processing Method: Cut
  • Botanical Name(if applicable): Paullinia cupana


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