Factory-direct savings

We contain costs by eliminating the middle layers between the factory and the buyer (no more regulatory advisors or shipping/transportation companies). These global factories pay a small service fee to use our platform, thus allowing you to buy factory-direct, bulk premium raw ingredients. With no hidden costs, both you and the factories are happy.

Full transparency

Our e-commerce platform builds trust through transparency in three crucial areas: Pricing Transparency, you see exactly what you pay and where the price breaks are for different tiers; Ingredient Transparency, we provide ingredient verification, quality and source data online; and Factory Transparency, we audit our factories regularly.

Stateside inventory

We changed the game when we decided to stock inventory stateside and invested in not only one but two warehouses, one on each coast. Our bicoastal warehouses stock hundreds (soon to be thousands) of ingredients here in the US, eliminating lengthy overseas shipping delays.

Same-day shipping

No more lead time. Your premium ingredient has already been verified, shipped, tested stateside and is ready for delivery. And just how fast is our delivery? Place your order before 2:00 p.m. and it ships the same day.

Customized shipping

We carefully record your customized shipping instructions, so you get what you want exactly the way you want it… each and every time. Each custom shipping request is documented so it can be procured on time, including:

  • Lot number
  • Shelf-life specifications
  • Special labels

5-star customer service

We get it. Some questions are best handled by having a conversation with a real person. Our on-line chat service lets you ask questions and get answers in seconds. Want human contact? Our outstanding customer service reps are available to serve you.

Time savings

In addition to the time you’ll save when you consolidate your ingredient purchases, we also offer a one-click reorder option. Place your entire order in less than three minutes, again and again.

Potent ingredients

We’ve procured the ingredients you need to build the world’s most-effective supplements. Visit our site to view our complete product list.


The bottom line? ingredientsonline.com’s Triple Value Advantage offers convenience, savings and quality you can trust.