EcovaPure™ PL-20H - Egg Yolk Emulsifier (2kg Bag) by Ecovatec Solutions

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  • EcovaPure™ PL-20H - Egg Yolk Emulsifier (2kg Bag) by Ecovatec Solutions

EcovaPure™ PL-20H - Egg Yolk Emulsifier (2kg Bag) by Ecovatec Solutions

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Product Highlights

  • Starting Material: 100% Canadian Egg Yolk
  • Processing Method: Pasteurization and Spray Drying

Product Overview

EcovaPure™ PL-20H is a naturally obtained extraction of phospholipids from fresh egg yolks. It is comprised of enzymatically hydrolyzed phospholipids. Its dry powder form makes it easy to use and store and dissolves immediately in water or oil, eliminating the need to heat emulsifications to activate the emulsifier properties.

Both of Ecovatec’s phospholipid products are primarily used as emulsifiers and food binders in baked goods, ice cream, and chocolate. While PL-20 is an excellent emulsifier, the hydrolyzation of the phospholipids in PL-20H makes it even better due to its increased solubility. Ecovatec's phospholipid emulsifiers show better emulsification properties than enzymatically modified egg yolk powder, soy lecithin, and other companies’ egg lecithin products. A little goes a long way and with very little color and taste they don’t affect the flavor and color of your final products.

Ecovatec’s egg-derived phospholipids also are processed in a way where they don’t contain lysophosphatidic acid, which is a known carcinogen and is present in enzyme modified egg yolk powder. Phospholipids are thought to have many health benefits including the reduction of inflammation, and may support healthy cognition.

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