Adopt cutting-edge technology

Our advanced technology allows you to purchase bulk raw ingredients directly from international factories with just a few clicks. It breaks through language and regulatory barriers and gives you unlimited access to premium raw materials produced by world-class factories around the globe.

Stay connected 24/7

Our easy-to-navigate website keeps you informed at every checkpoint in the decision-making journey, and it’s all available 24/7.

  • Check real-time inventory levels
  • Determine costs and price breaks
  • Download documentation
  • Get instant freight quotes
  • Manage the entire transaction online

Consolidate your vendors

We’re a one-stop online shop. does the leg work, consolidating extensive offerings from numerous factories. Place, ship and track orders for hundreds (thousands) of ingredients through a single, user-friendly website. Everything you need for even complex formulations is just a click away.


The bottom line?’s Triple Value Advantage offers convenience, savings and quality you can trust.