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DeltaGold® Tocotrienol 125mg Softgels by American River Nutrition

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Vitamin E is a powerful, essential nutrient to the human diet. This potent fat-soluble antioxidant is necessary for life; without it, the human reproductive cycle comes to a halt. Relatively common in nature, the benefits of this nutrient stem from its ability to act as a powerful protectant against free radicals. As it is fat-soluble, it is able to penetrate into cellular membranes and readily react with harmful oxidizing agents, using its weak hydrogen bonds to neutralize potential oxidative damage.

Found in a variety of foods, vitamin E is common to many fatty plant sources including wheat germ oil, almond oil, grapeseed oil, and canola oil. As it is already a component in many foods, vitamin E retains a high tolerable upper intake level set at 1,000mg by the U.S. Food and Nutrition Board. In addition, it is a common nutrient used in prepared or stored foods to help improve shelf life stability due to its antioxidant nature.

Although the benefits of vitamin E have been well documented over the last century, research efforts have focused primarily on one half of this common antioxidant family, alpha-tocopherol. Despite this vast field of research, newer studies have shown that alpha-tocopherol fails to be the most powerful isoform of the nutrient. Instead, researchers have shifted toward studying the tocotrienol isoform, that expresses a more versatile reactivity with improved benefits. It has been from this exciting new perspective that DeltaGold® was formed – with the intention to improve upon the benefits of vitamin E supplements by shifting the current paradigm of vitamin E therapy to focus instead on the impressive potential of tocotrienols.

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Clinical Research

Bone Health Benefits of Annatto Tocotrienol

Thanks to modern medicine, the average life expectancy has greatly increased over the last 100 years. However, as we witness longer life spans, our bodies have begun to exhibit more serious ailments associated with aging. For example, as we age our normal bone strengthening ability deteriorates, making it harder to maintain proper bone health. This initiates the development of osteoporosis, a silent bone disease that contributes heavily to elderly mortality in both women and men1. Osteoporotic fractures can do more harm than just limit the mobility of elderly adults; they can also drastically lower their quality of life and even cause death. Taking steps to improve bone health early on can slow down symptoms of bone frailty and lower the risk of fractures in aging adults. Typical methods to improve bone density include mineralization and drug therapies that come with a range of undesirable side effects. Consequently, the search for alternative therapies has sparked researchers to consider compounds found in nature.

Vitamin E is well established as a natural antioxidant that can combat oxidative stress and inflammation. Many studies incorporate the use of alpha-tocopherol, the predominantly used form of vitamin E. Despite the health benefits associated with alpha-tocopherol, its sister vitamin E form tocotrienol was shown to be the competitive treatment alternative2. In fact, research is shifting toward incorporating tocotrienols in place of tocopherols altogether.
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Cardiovascular Benefits of Annatto Tocotrienol

Vitamin E is well known as a potent fat-soluble antioxidant found in a variety of healthy oils and vegetables. The most popular component of vitamin E, alpha-tocopherol, has been widely studied for its efficacy in combating free radicals associated with aging and disease. In fact, vitamin E has been found to encompass a broad family of bioactive nutrients including alpha-, beta-, gamma-, and delta-tocopherol and its related sister tocotrienol forms. Although the tocopherol family has been widely accepted for their healthy attributes, new and innovative research has highlighted the potential of tocotrienols as more dominant promoters of overall wellbeing. Already, studies have illuminated the numerous health benefits associated with tocotrienol supplementation, including natural boosts to bone, skin, metabolic, cellular, and even cardiovascular health.

Unfortunately, the lack of nutrition associated with the American diet has increased the prevalence of pharmaceutical strategies to combat growing incidences of disease. The rising trend of adverse health effects associated with these drugs has leading health specialists investigating opportunities to incorporate more natural remedies. Identifying a strong contender to more traditional methods has been at the forefront of therapeutic and preventative medicine for years. Recent studies have shown supplementation with high-quality tocotrienols may be the missing link in supporting improvements for ailments associated with the heart and blood vessels.
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Metabolic Health Benefits of Annatto Tocotrienol

The obesity epidemic has affected the lives of more than two-thirds of Americans1. With increased weight gain comes an accolade of metabolic disorders, often leading to more serious outcomes. Many of the diseases associated with obesity occur from unnatural changes in a person’s metabolism, sometimes leading to dysregulated fasting blood glucose, systemic inflammation, and dyslipidemia.

The best way to reduce the risk of these ailments is by improving a person’s health through diet and exercise. Many studies have shown the effectiveness of lifestyle changes. However, in more severe cases, determining faster ways to improve risk factors of metabolic disorders continues to be a top priority. Modern medicine has introduced numerous effective pharmaceutical agents, although many of these drugs have adverse health effects. Additionally, pharmaceuticals are employed to alleviate symptoms — whereas more natural remedies can actually help get to the cause.

Health scientists have applied experimental studies to many of these natural agents to determine their therapeutic potential. Certain components of vitamin E, known as tocotrienols, have been shown to be more powerful than their more infamous counterparts: tocopherols. As tocotrienols have been established to have a strong anti-inflammatory effect, research evaluating their impact on metabolic health has produced encouraging results for ailments such as metabolic syndrome, diabetes, dyslipidemia, and non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD).
More Details: Metabolic Health Benefits of Annatto Tocotrienol, click here

Annatto Tocotrienol’s Positive Effects on Skin Health

The skin is the largest organ of the body and acts as the first line of defense against pathogens and environmental toxins. Oftentimes, consumers turn to conventional skincare products to protect and nurture their skin. As new research continues to shed light on these ingredients, it’s becoming increasingly apparent they may be doing more harm than good. Luckily, natural ingredients may offer safe, effective alternatives.

For over 50 years, vitamin E has been a staple in dermatological treatments. Many of these therapies taut the healing properties of vitamin E tocopherols, though few products have incorporated its more effective form, tocotrienols1. The benefits of tocotrienols span across cancer and cholesterol research for their antioxidant and anti-inflammatory characteristics. Recently, they have received more attention as they possess neuroprotective and antioxidant properties that differ from the properties of tocopherols1. Additionally, support for tocotrienols has been found for their aptitude in skin care as studies have continued to expand on their protective nature. Research has shown a clear connection between tocotrienol supplementation and reduced signs of aging, decreased sun damage, and an improved ability to fight skin infection.
More Details: Annatto Tocotrienol’s Positive Effects on Skin Health, click here

Intellectual Property


US Patent

Tocotrienols and Geranylgeranol from Bixa Orellana Byproducts
US 6,350,453B1
Filling Date : May 24, 2000
Issue Date : Feb. 26, 2002
Inventors : Barrie Tan, Amherst John Foley, Sunderland, both of MA (US)
Assignee : American River Nutrition, Inc.


A source of material known as a by product Solution of Bixa Orellana Seed components, which is obtained as an oily material after the bulk of annatto color, is removed from either the aqueous extractor Solvent extract of annatto seeds. Further, this by product contains a tocotrienol component and a geranylgeraniol component and can be used as a Source for the recovery of a tocotrienol component and a geranylgeraniol component.

US Patent

Annatto Extract Compositions Including Tocotrienols and Tocopherols and Methods of Use
US 8,586,109B1
Filling Date : Jun. 07, 2008
Issue Date : Nov. 19, 2013
Inventors : Barrie Tan, Amherst John Foley, Jose Llobrera, of MA (US)
Assignee : American River Nutrition, Inc.


Compositions and methods of use of annatto extracts (350- 450 Dalton molecular weight fraction) including tocotrienols and tocopherols with an appropriate spectrum. This spectrum includes but not limited to low alpha tocopherol, high delta and gamma-tocols, and mixtures with other extracts 350-450 Dalton molecular weight fraction like palm and rice and/or nutrients.

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Product Overview

DeltaGold® tocotrienol, as part of the vitamin E family, is a potent antioxidant. As such, DeltaGold is 50x more active than alpha-tocopherol, the most frequently used vitamin E supplement. DeltaGold has other health benefits that far exceed its antioxidant capabilities. Clinical research on the ingredient is highly relevant to healthy aging, addressing cardiovascular, metabolic, liver, cellular, and bone health benefits.

DeltaGold® 125mg Softgels is a natural tocotrienol product obtained from annatto food ingredient that is currently used as an important food additive. The product is essentially free of tocopherols.

DeltaGold® 125mg Softgels are made with bone gelatin, glycerin, and purified water.


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DeltaGold® Tocotrienol 125mg Softgels by American River Nutrition
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