About Us

Who we are

ingredientsonline.com is the first and leading e-commerce platform for factory-direct, bulk raw ingredients.

What we do

We provide nutritional raw materials for the dietary supplement, food & beverage, cosmetic and pet industries. Our innovative online platform allows for ease of use.

How we do it

We do the leg work for you

Collecting all QC documentation in one place easy for you to download

Housing all ingredients here in the U.S., thereby taking care of your lead time so you don’t have to wait before you begin production

Bringing factory-direct pricing along with tier pricing, high volume bidding, blanket orders and annual purchase orders

Founded by Sherry Wang in 2013, ingredientsonline.com has revolutionized the manner in which manufacturers and co-manufacturers purchase raw ingredients. Sherry is an FDA regulations expert who has more than 20 years of experience importing raw ingredients to the U.S. With this background, she revolutionized the industry and how raw ingredients are purchased in an internet-driven world.

In addition to Sherry's 20+ years, Peggy Jackson, Vice President of Sales & Marketing brings with her over 20 years of nutritional ingredients and dietary supplement industry expertise. Serving as Executive Vice President of the Health & Nutrition Division at Virgo Publishing, Peggy was instrumental in the launch of SupplySide in Scottsdale, Arizona in 1996. She went on to lead the team and build the SupplySide West brand including Natural Products Insider, Food Product Design and Health Supplement Retailer. With not only industry expertise, Peggy has event, print and online knowledge with the ability to connect these communication channels with both buyers and sellers to support and encourage commerce and e-commerce.

Here at ingredientsonline.com, ingredient quality and safety are always the number one concern. We partner with manufacturers from all over the world, which commands us to develop standard procedures to implement the requirements for the Foreign Supplier Verification Program (FSVP) rule under FSMA. Our highly skilled quality control teams conduct hazard analysis for imported foods, evaluate supplier’s performance and conduct foreign supplier verification activities such as audits, sampling, testing and reviewing suppliers product safety records. We outsource accredited labs for ingredient testing.​