Breviscapine (Scutellarin) (2kg Carton) by Farlong Pharmaceutical

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  • Breviscapine (Scutellarin) (2kg Carton) by Farlong Pharmaceutical

Breviscapine (Scutellarin) (2kg Carton) by Farlong Pharmaceutical

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Product Highlights

  • Botanical Name: Erigeron breviscapus
  • Starting Material: Erigeron breviscapus
  • Plant Part Used: Whole body
  • Processing Method: Extraction

Product Overview

  • Light yellow to yellow powder
  • Extracted from Erigeron Breviscapus with U.S. patented technology
  • Pharmaceutical grade containing minimum 90% scutellarin
  • Promotes cerebrovascular and cardio vascular health

Additional Information

  • SKU
  • Other Name(s)
    Erigeron Breviscapus Extract, Scuterllarin, Breviscapinum
  • Solubility
    Soluble in methanol, pyridine, dilute alkali solution, slightly soluble in hot water, ethanol, ethyl acetate, almost insoluble in water, ether, chloroform, benzene, acetone and other organic solvents.
  • Package Type
    2 kg Carton
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Scientific Findings

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