GWI participated in a Transparency & Traceability Twitter chat on July 10, 2014. The chat was hosted by New Hope Media, who kept the conversation moving by asking questions. GWI, proud to promote our supply chain transparency, is happy to share these questions and answers with you. Our answers are below.


What does #cleanlabel really mean? 

As a supplier, GWI does not reach the end consumer with product labels. However, we work with our manufacturers and customers to increase supply chain transparency so our customers can rest assured they are buying quality ingredients.


Why Transparency? What are the top consumer motivators? Sustainability, Allergies, GMOs, Social Responsibility, Truly "Natural" 

Transparency is important to consumers, because they have the right to know what they're purchasing. For buyers, allergy, GMO, irradiation, and source material are critical. GWI provides complete information on every product to our customers that they can share with their consumers.


What about manufacturers? Is it all the same?

GWI doesn't work directly with manufacturers who produce consumer products, but we support supplier transparency.


What about safety & traceability practice? 

GWI has records tracing the supply chain, performing inspections, microbial testing, and heavy metal testing to ensure the product is safe for human consumption.


Who holds most of the responsibility for traceability? Suppliers? Brand manufacturers? 

Suppliers; they connect the raw material factory to the brand manufacturers. We are responsible for facilitating the needs of the brand manufacturer to the raw material factories. One of the biggest responsibilities is traceability, as people need to know the origins of their product.


Why are there challenges in traceability practice? Lack of uniform tracking systems? 

While systems are important, the concept of traceability practice lies with the willingness, resources, and time to invest in the right solutions. GWI's central position in the supply chain process ensures that records will be kept for all product lots, totaling more than 5000 each year. This includes everything from the customer's initial P.O. to the shipments we process. This is integral for supply chain transparency, quality, and sustainability, as we can trace the origin of all products and sales.

Some suppliers fail to disclose the specifics of supply chain because they are afraid that the customer will contact their supplier directly. GWI provides full supply chain transparency to customers.


What about label "seals" – #Organic, #NonGMO verified? Do they provide assurances? 

We sell non-GMO ingredients, and support that with complete product documentation stating this to assure our customers that they are working with ingredients that meet their specifications. Providing non-GMO ingredients in today's market are increasingly difficult, as many ingredients are derived from corn, one of the top 10 GMO crops.


What questions should manufacturers need to ask their suppliers? Do they batch test? Relationships with sources? 

They will need to know if the supplier has a program to qualify their suppliers and test the products to ensure the quality. In addition to batch testing, GWI does a complete audit, including ethical concerns like working environment, energy conservation, and emission reduction.

Here is the full GWI list.

1. Company Profile
2. Audit Checklist and result
2.1Business License
2.2 Human Resources
2.3 Production Capacity
2.4 Foreign Trade Capacity
2.5 Product Research & Development Capacity
2.6 Certification & System Details
2.7 Suppliers/ sub-contractors Control
2.8 Production Process Control
2.9 Product Inspection and Continuous Improvement
2.10 Sample Management & Test Capability
2.11 Packing, Warehouse Inspection Transport
2.12 The Company Development Plan
3. Working Environment & Energy Saving and Emission Reduction
3. 1 Working Environment
3. 2 Labor Protection
3. 3 Energy Saving and Emission Reduction
4. General conclusions & comments on Site


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