Three tips for increased sales

Three tips for increased sales

Looking for ways to increase your sales? Here are three tips from the e-commerce sales experts at!

1. Product Description

Are your product’s benefits adequately explained in the listing?

In your listing, make sure you communicate what makes your product unique, especially if your pricing is higher than the market average. Convince the customer to buy your product instead of another by making its value clear. 

2. Pricing

Analyze your pricing.

Is your pricing appropriate for the market? Reconsider your tiers: we suggest at least three pricing tiers. For a quick review of your product's tiers and orders, use the "Analysis" tab on your product in the seller system.

3. Package Sizes

Smaller package sizes are desirable.

If your smallest package size is around 20-25kgs or more, you may want to consider a smaller packaging option. One, five or 10kg packaging options are very popular, especially for value-added ingredients.

Bonus Tip:

Take advantage of our marketing programs. We have packages available for every need and budget!

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3 months ago