, the industry’s first factory-direct marketplace for nutritional raw materials and other fine ingredients announced its partnership with Luoyang Chemmam Pharmchem Co.Ltd.

Luoyang Chemmam Pharmchem Company is dedicated to the development and production of vitamin derivatives and amino acid derivatives. Most products are exported as dietary supplements and API. The plant has been certified by Kosher and audited by SGS according to ICH Q7A. The order quantity can be customized from kilograms to Metrictons. The company also cooperates with pharmaceutical institutes and universities to develop new products. Currently it becomes the leading manufacturer of vitamin B1 derivatives in China, such as benfotiamine and sulbutiamine. As top leaders in the industry, they have many advantages like high reputation, premium quality, and good sale services., the industry’s first factory-direct marketplace is the future of business model. According to the market demand, we are focusing on prompt customer service and extensive product line. Chemman Pharmchem Company and will work together to achieve the win-win goal.


About Providing a factory-direct global marketplace where customers can buy quality nutritional ingredients directly from World-Class manufacturers through a unique E-commerce platform. is an online service platform exclusively managed by Green Wave Ingredients (GWI).

About Luoyang Chemmam Pharmchem Company: Established by a group of professors, doctors and experienced chemical technicians, Luoyang Chemmam Pharmchem Company is located in Henan province now, with an area of 20,000sqm and 100,000-level clean plants. To find out more, go to