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Jinan Asia Pharmaceutical Company products have mainly been exported to USA, South America, Australia, Europe and Japan. In China, the products occupy more than 95 percentages of domestic markets. With the efforts of 20 years, Jinan Asia has won a great reputation at home and abroad. And they are expecting to start win-win business partnership with more trust-worthy customers, so they choose to work with

The company flagship product betaine has many functions to be the supplier of methyl which can promote the metabolism of fat in human body, easy up the excitement, adjust the osmosis pressure, help the appetite and stabilize the vitamin.

Betaine Hydrochloride is a kind of nutritional additive of efficiency, high-quality and economic advantage, which is widely used for food, energy drinks, pharmaceutical intermediates, health products. It serves to promote the metabolism of fat and increase the lean meat rate of animals and poultry, thus improving the quality of meat and lowering the ratio of feeding on meat.

Choline plays a vital role in the promotion of human growth and improve human resistance capacity, it is an essential component to ensure the normal operation of the nervous system, affecting the metabolism in the human body carotene and vitamin A.


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About Jinan Asia Pharmaceutical Co.Ltd.: Established in 1993, Jinan Asia Pharmaceutical is the largest and most fully manufacturer of Choline and Betaine series products in Food and Pharma grade, and we are the only one who has manufacturing license in China. The manufacturing base is certified with GMP, ISO9001, ISO22000 Kosher and HALA.

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