New Factory Partners November 2020

New Factory Partners November 2020

New factory partners and new ingredients have been added to the marketplace for November 2020. Stay connected with a wide selection of new products from qualified premiere sellers.


One Innovation Labs Logo

Ingredients: PureWay-C™ Extra Fine Powder, Fine Powder, Granular Powder or Water Soluble Powder

One Innovation Labs is a global science-based company specializing in R&D and manufacturing of unique, safe, and efficacious proprietary ingredients who pride themselves in being at the forefront of improving health, wellness, and the overall quality of life.

One Innovation Labs also has the capacity to perform customized services, including but not limited to: formulation, extraction, purification, granulation, micro-encapsulation, blending and drum-to-hopper. Their goal is to create meaningful partnerships with their clients by supplying unique and proprietary ingredients to help augment the profitability of their brands. View factory profile>>


Viscofan Logo

Ingredients: COLLinstant® (Bovine Skin Collagen, Type 1)

For more than 85 years, Naturin Viscofan has been a specialist for collagen products for the food industry. Their main business is the production of collagen casings for all kinds of sausages. In 2018, they reached an important landmark with the opening of a new production facility for the production of collagen hydrolysate for nutraceutical markets. This plant shows Viscofan’s willingness to contribute to the improvement of the well-being and health of society. View factory profile>>


Nutra Food Ingredients Logo

Ingredients: Bovine (Skin) Collagen & Gelatin, Bovine Bone Broth, Erythritol (Organic & Non-Organic), Jerusalem Artichoke Inulin (Organic & Non-Organic), MCT 70% Powder, Xylitol

Established in 2004, Nutra Food Ingredients is a professional ingredient supplier for the nutrition, pharmaceutical, and food & beverage industries whose goal is to supply quality ingredients to their customers and satisfy their needs for a quality life. Nutra Food Ingredients specializes in Collagen, Gelatin, Veggie Protein, Polyol Sweeteners, Fibers, Organic Ingredients, and Intensive Sweeteners. They customize their products to meet customer specifications and guarantee the highest quality materials at competitive prices.

With so many distribution points and key ties to manufacturing around the world, Natura Food Ingredients ensures on time delivery to their customers. They have experience in supporting nutritional bar manufacturers, cosmetic manufacturers, food & beverage processors, pharmaceutical and supplement processors, and many more. No matter what industry you operate in, they can serve you. View factory profile>>

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