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Keys to Seller Success

by Erica Cobian, Seller Development Manager, is home to many sellers from around the world. These factory partners are the life blood of our e-ecommerce marketplace and the reason why so many supply chain team members choose to source and purchase their nutritional raw materials. 2020 had its challenges, of course, but our sellers also had tremendous success in 2020.

Seller success starts with our Account Managers. Their thorough attention to our factory partners has been the key to growth and success this last year. Onboarding new accounts, assisting with product listings, and facilitating membership upgrades are just some of the many tasks that come with being part of our team. Additionally, with the launch of our improved Seller System 2.0 last March, our entire team faced the challenges of learning a completely new interface and teaching that technology to our sellers. Ten months later, we see efficiency has improved, sellers are saving more time when listing their products, and are connecting with buyers at a more substantial rate.

There are so many benefits to being a seller with, but our primary focus is always getting more products to our buyers and diversifying our marketplace. We saw significant growth in seller sales with the addition of new products and sellers compared to 2019. Our botanical/herbal category was a key area of expansion which helped drive these sales. In addition, our newest program, IO Connect, allowed us to add products at a rate we have simply never experienced. In that regard, 2020 was quite an exciting time for our team!

As we proceed into 2021, we continue to work with our IT department to enhance the seller experience by streamlining and adding new features to our Seller System. As we improve this technology, that efficiency translates directly to the buying experience. Our customers will be pleased to see countless more botanicals, vitamins, amino acids, and more added to the marketplace. Our branded ingredient category continues to grow with the addition of products such as Immulina™ Spirulina Extract by Chromadex Corp., PureWay-C® by One Innovations Labs, and Wellmune Baker's Yeast Beta Glucan by Kerry Inc.

If you are looking to become an seller, apply today at We have a variety of programs to fit various needs and look forward to working with you.



IO Updates
Erica Cobian is the Seller Development Manager. Erica began her career in the Dietary Supplement industry in 2002 as a purchasing assistant, gaining a wealth of knowledge and experience over the years. During this time, she has taken on many roles within the industry such as procurement, logistics, import/export, sales, customer service and QA/QC.

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