What Is Food Evolution The Movie?

Well for starters, it is a documentary feature film and is obviously about food. I know, most documentaries are boring and generally a real snoozefest. This one will definitely not be, though and for good reason. This Institute of Food Technologists (IFT) funded documentary film is meant to inspire discussion and debate about food evolution through the ages into the present. It is all about science, facts and of course, food! While some aspects of it will certainly make people hungry, other parts are likely going to hit home, hard. The question on everyone’s mind is… what is this really about?

Food Evolutions addresses important topics such as “How do we ensure that our food supply is safe, and that everyone has enough to eat?”, “How do we feed the world while also protecting the planet?”, “Has genetic engineering increased or decreased pesticide use?”, “Are GMO foods bad for your health?” And, most importantly, What data, evidence and sources we’re using to approach these important questions.

Director Kennedy and his partner, Trace Sheehan, are setting their focus on topics like the GMO Debate because Kennedy found it to be a key point in today’s world. He believes the general public has a misunderstanding about food science and food sustainability.

Why Is This Documentary So Important?

In the heavily polarized debate therein lies a lot of passion, confusion, and suspicion about food evolution. How are we, as humans, handling food sustainability? How are GMOs and other food additives changing our food and how we eat it? These are all cumbersome questions that are rarely answered completely or truthfully. Some scientists persist that GMOs and preservatives are harmful while others, usually those working for big companies, say that it’s all fine. Solid information does suggest that some of it is very unhealthy and has some nasty side effects.


One of the first inspirations for the film was food science and how it impacts our way of life no matter where we are in the world. This movie started as an open-ended idea about how GMOs impact our food but turned into something much larger. Many people either don’t believe some scientific findings or don’t believe in any of them.

At the very least a lot of people misunderstand food science. Director Kennedy and his associates aim to make it easier to make smart food decisions regardless of emotions or ideology. Many people still follow those two factors instead of data and scientifically proven evidence. Ultimately, it comes down to whose science you believe, if any. That is what this movie will help everyone to understand.

Want To See This Already Interesting Documentary?

Food Evolution The Movie was initially shown at the New York City DOC Film Festival in November 2016. It has also been screened at several film festivals in the U.K and other places in the United States. Food Evolution comes to theaters near you June 23rd, 2017. Check out The Food Evolution Website to see when it will be shown at a cinema near you and enjoy! After all, this film features narration by Neil Degrasse Tyson and even Bill Nye!

Some of the best scientific minds in the world have put their heads together on this one, so you know it will be both interesting and informative. Food Evolution has a 100% RottenTomatoes rating!




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