Application Rundown: Animal Nutrition

Whether an animal lives on a farm or in our home, feed and nutrition have a direct impact on their quality of life. The first step in creating the best quality feed for your livestock or furry friend is in the ingredients. Choosing the right ingredients can affect the animal’s development, health, and growth rate. 

12 days ago
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Make It Work... From Home - IO Updates

IO Updates2020 has passed but the ramifications of the tumultuous year, riddled with political uncertainty and pocked by an economy-altering pandemic, will likely be felt for years to come.

2 months ago
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Keys to Seller Success - IO Updates

IO is home to many sellers from around the world. These factory partners are the life blood of our e-ecommerce marketplace and the reason why so many supply chain team members choose to source and purchase their nutritional raw materials.

3 months ago
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Sales Support 101: Anticipate, Adapt, Execute - IO Updates

IO UpdatesWhen you think of a sales representative, you may first envision someone trying to sell you something. Although that may be true in some (OK, most…OK, all) cases, at, we pride ourselves in being so much more than that. 

5 months ago
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Connect Directly with Sellers - IO Updates

IO UpdatesDid you know you can now connect directly with sellers at

6 months ago
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Customer Service - IO Updates

IO Updates2020 continues to be a year full of challenges and growth. As with many companies, the COVID-19 pandemic resulted in our Customer Service team moving to remote status. 

7 months ago
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Warehousing and Shipping - IO Updates

IO UpdatesWhat a year it has been – and I say that with a positive outlook. Although this is not the year anyone expected, it is a time for businesses to come together, strengthen and push forward. 

8 months ago
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Adulteration in the Time of COVID

Feature-Article-Blog-PreviewAdulteration has been around since the beginning of trade, and with trade soon celebrating its sweet 5020th birthday (Happy Birthday trade!), that’s a lot of years of adulteration.

8 months ago
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FDA and FTC Send Warning Letters Concerning COVID-19

FDA Warning Photo2020 was supposed to be the start of a new decade with great potential; instead, it has been marred by one microscopic pathogen – SARS-CoV-2. 

9 months ago
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The Importance of E.A.T. for Natural Products Websites

For many people in the supplement/natural products industry that depend on their websites to provide leads and sales, Aug. 1, 2018 was a significant date. It was on this date that Google initiated a significant algorithm update—later coined the “Medic Update.”

9 months ago
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