Announcing the new Seller System 2.0

Announcing the new Seller System 2.0

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CERRITOS, Calif. — The first B2B e-commerce platform connecting buyers and sellers of nutritional raw ingredients has launched their brand-new Seller System 2.0. is bringing their sellers new benefits and features to enhance their ingredient listings.

The Seller System is the back-end system sellers use to manage all aspects of their account. Maintaining listing content, viewing sales and inventory reports, accessing analytics, and requesting payments are all handled through the Seller System.

Seller System 2.0 will showcase new dashboard and interface features with an improved design, making it easier than ever to access all pertinent information. The enhanced dashboard displays month-to-date (MTD) and year-to-date (YTD) revenue and highlights changes as well as gives a comprehensive to do list with notification icons and easy buttons to make needed changes.

New document management features include a new document library where sellers can manage all documents. This allows for the uploading of multiple documents simultaneously and ability to assign the same document to multiple products. Another feature includes the ability to upload documents prior to product creation with custom tagging that allows for efficient organization of documents for products not yet in the Seller System.

New product catalog features make it easy to add products. The upgraded “Add Product” feature enables a user to add new products without e-mail communication with the Account Manager for product codes. A product can be created from start to finish with no interruptions.

For sellers who drop-ship, there is now a manual option for drop-ship inventory. has expanded inventory options to include a manual update function. This allows users to type in their inventory amounts. If unable to fulfill an order due to lack of inventory, sellers will have more options than just cancelling the order. They will be able to create partial shipments and communicate their next stocking date.

New roles like Seller Admin have access to all modules of the Seller System and can add other members of the company to the account, granting them access and assigning them to roles. Seller Admins can also initiate the process of adding factories to the account. The Seller Admin will be able to assign new roles to users, including roles for company administration, order fulfillment and accounting.

Phase two of the launch will bring even more new features to the Seller System. Sellers will soon be able to create listings automatically. Once a new listing is approved, the listing will automatically be created on the front-end website. This eliminates onboarding waiting time for new products and gets products online faster. Sellers will also have more control over their content with an enhanced syncing function. Once the feature is deployed, changes made to product information in the Seller System, like description and attributes, will sync directly to the product listing page. Instead of creating separate products for each package size, sellers will be able to add multiple package sizes to a single product in the Seller System. These updates will be released soon.

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