Watch: Technology and Transparency U.S. to China Tour recently took a trip to China for an extensive tour of our factory-direct partner's facilities. Watch this video of the Technology and Transparency U.S. to China Tour.

See Sherry Wang, Founder and President, and Peggy Jackson, VP of Sales and Marketing, lead this U.S. delegation of supply-chain teams from ADH Health Products, Cott Beverages, Innophos, National Animal Supplement Council, Now Foods, Promotion In Motion, Shaklee Corporation and Threshold Enterprises along with Heather Granato from Informa as they tour five factories. Covering over 2,500 miles on high-speed trains stopping in five cities from Beijing to China, these delegates experienced complete factory transparency. 

Factory stops inlcuded: 

Chenguang Biotech Group Co., Ltd (Herbals - Stevia, Grape Seed, Lutein,Curcumin, Green Coffee Bean)

Zhengzhou Tuoyang Industrial Co. (Ascorbic Acid, D-Ribose)

Shandong Jincheng Bio-pharmaceutical Co., Ltd (Glutathione Reduced, SAMe)

Jiangyin Huachang Food Additive Co., Ltd (Taurine)

Xindu Bio-Tech (Xinhui Zhiyao) (Innovative and Value Added Ingredients/Lion's Mane)