™ is on a mission to create extraordinary value for the global nutrition and food ingredient industry by leveraging the™ e-commerce platform around the world to build an online global community of buyers and sellers. By using digital technology, we are extending the art of conducting business on the trade show floor onto a highly efficient, cutting edge, transparent, neutral, e-commerce platform.

Registered members have access to browse over 1,000 ingredients from more than 225 approved global factories with complete transparency in factory of origin. They can also view factory set pricing, real-time U.S. inventory and downloadable QC documents, all on a single page with the click of a mouse.™ provides infinite nutrition and food ingredient choices from qualified global sellers for global buyers. By hosting a highly efficient, completely transparent platform for all qualified buyers and sellers, we are delivering on our vision of making™ “your global e-commerce solution.”

In addition,™ now has 450+ botanical ingredients sourced from more than 16 countries around the world. With the recent launch of the Value-Added and Branded Ingredient Programs, members can easily view clinical research, newsroom, applications, intellectual property, consumer market research and more. These new programs provide sellers a way to share their value proposition and differentiate their brands with 5,000 qualified and registered members 24/7/365.

Watch the video below to see first-hand how and why™ is shaping the future for buyers and sellers of nutritional raw materials with digital technology