At, our goal is to bring awareness to quality ingredients from around the world. In this feature, we are taking a special look at our factory-direct partners in China.

There are so many outstanding factories in China with state of the art science and technology providing high quality ingredients. With our ongoing message of factory transparency, Founder and President of, Sherry Wang, and Peggy Jackson, Vice President of Sales & Marketing, set out on an inaugural journey; the Technology & Transparency U.S. to China Tour. We were grateful to bring along with us about a dozen supply-chain sourcing team members from leading dietary supplement, food, beverage and animal nutrition industries, plus the media. This amazing adventure has never before been attempted by anyone in the industry, so thank you to our factory partner sponsors who helped make this possible.


As we start our first day of factory tours, everyone was eager to see Chenguang Biotech Group (CCGB) and learn more about their botanical ingredients. The factory was amazing; very big with so many manufacturing and extraction lines. Their QC department was outstanding with top of the line equipment and everything very well organized. The CCGB team and Chairman Lu hosted a wonderful dinner that everyone enjoyed.

Along with being members of the UNPA, CCGB is certified by CNAS, ISO9001, ISO22000, ISO14001, OHSAS18001, KOSHER, HALAL, FAMI-QS, CMS, and is U.S. FDA registered. CCGB not only produces natural plant extracts from fully sustainable supply chains, but also build their own machinery and equipment. This advanced innovation and technology has enabled them to run extremely efficiently. In addition, they also have five divisions and 22 subsidiaries in China, India and Zambia, and are securing a facility in Northern California to manufacture U.S. made products with U.S. grown ingredients.


Day two, we visited Zhengzhou Tuoyang Industrial Co.'s Ascorbic Acid facility. This facility has been operating for over 30 years and still has an output of quality ingredients that have been tested by third party U.S. accredited labs. This facility produces over 10,000 metric tons of Ascorbic Acid annually and plans are underway to build a new factory soon. Along with Ascorbic Acid, Tuoyang also specializes in D-ribose, Sodium Erythorbate and Erythorbic Acid.

After a full facility tour bringing a high level of factory transparency, the Tuoyang leadership team hosted the U.S. delegation to a very productive business meeting to further establish long-term working relationships. The leaders of Tuoyang then hosted the U.S. delegation to a traditional Chinese dinner complete with an array of regional Chinese dishes, drinks and festivities. Bringing this level of transparency to our customers is vital and so far it has been a monumental success in connecting factories with their customers.


Jincheng Bio-Pharm is an immaculate pharmaceutical grade facility. From the moment we arrived on the campus, you could see that quality is number one in everything they do.

After a tour of the starting materials and storage warehouse, members of the U.S. delegation gowned-up to go inside the factory and get an in-depth look at the entire production process. Jincheng’s Glutathione is manufactured by microbial fermentation technology and advanced biological extraction and purification technology which were clearly explained throughout the tour. Other members of the U.S. delegation sat comfortably in a theater watching the gowned delegates via real-time video monitors as they toured the entire production facility. The hi-tech nature of the factory provided everyone with a great level of confidence. This type of transparency and first-hand experience was just what the U.S. delegates were hoping for and one of the many reasons they traveled all the way to China. Thank you to the leadership of Jincheng for an excellent tour.


Jiangyin Huachang Food Additive Co. Ltd was established in August 2007 at the picturesque, highly developed Jiangyin city which is located in the center of the Yangtze Delta Economical Zone. This woman-owned factory was very well organized and highly efficient. With production 24/7 and an annual output of 10,000 MT, they’re producing Taurine for leading global brands from their 27,000 square foot GMP facility that uses advanced Ethylene Oxide method technologies.

We arrived during a national holiday and were welcomed with great hospitality including a traditional rice dish to learn and share in their culture. With an aim to build up mutual trust, mutually beneficial cooperative relationships through our high quality products, and beneficial prices and consistent services, it was a pleasure to hear their management motto is “Quality is the lifeline, credibility and honesty is in the performance.” Additionally, their company motto of “Serve the purpose of health, share the beauty of life” epitomized what we experienced first-hand while at Jiangyin.

To end on a high note, later that evening we enjoyed a traditional Chinese dinner featuring their regional dish Dinosaur Egg – YUM!


Producing both nutritional and pharmaceutical products and ingredients, Xinhui has a unique production process for their value-added ingredient, a proprietary extract of the Hericium Erinaceus mushroom commonly known as Lion’s Mane. Its unique physiological properties make it the perfect host for Bio-Transformational Technology™. This process infuses a myriad of bioactive ingredients into a singular whole-food source controlling its growing medium. They farm the Chinese herbal substrates in the high mountains of China for their production facility there, plus ship those to their U.S. factory as the starting materials along with the Lion’s Mane. Xinhui also has a plant in Conway, Ark. where they produce the same exact strains of Lion’s Mane as they do in their plant in China. They welcome all registered members to tour their Arkansas facility.

In the evening, the Chairman and company leaders hosted one of our spiciest traditional Chinese dinners. Their regional specialties including spicy duck tongue and lots of traditional celebratory beverages along with great networking and lasting relationships.


Once in Shanghai, we were treated to an amazing Huangpu River Cruise and experienced the most incredible architecturally distinguished modern Shanghai skyline. Thank you to Mr. He and BBFY for this incredible experience. Our sightseeing also included an adventure to the top of the second tallest building in the world; Shanghai Tower, a tour of the silk factory, and the opportunity to explore Yu Garden.


Our farewell reception and dinner was hosted by our Shanghai General Manager, Tony Xue, and included over 50 executives from an additional 25 factories who joined our celebration. These factory representatives enjoyed meeting the entire U.S. delegation and the opportunity to learn about each delegate’s China experience. This was a great networking opportunity and set the stage for future business development and relationships.


There were five people on this trip who had never been to China, who all acknowledged what an amazing, once-in-a-lifetime experience it was. We experienced so many things, but what really completed the trip were the people. We all made new friends and became even closer with our old friends. Thank you to the U.S. delegates for braving this inaugural Technology & Transparency U.S. to China journey.

Check out our video from the road and keep in mind we WILL do this again. Be sure to contact your representative to see how you can participate.