XinDu Bio-Tech, LLC is proud to introduce the world’s first fourth generation dietary supplement ingredient. We offer a line of whole-food raw materials derived from proprietary extracts of the Hericium Erinaceus mushroom, commonly known as Lion’s Mane.

This represents a quantum leap forward in nutrition. It replaces the need of mix-and match multiple ingredients in a formula through Bio-Transformation Technology™. This process infuses a myriad of powerful organic, bioactive ingredients into a singular whole-food source by controlling its growing medium. The science behind the process is unparalleled and the results are spectacular.

History of Use

Culinary and medicinal use of mushrooms in Chinese culture dates back over 2,500 years. Mushrooms are a superb agent of health due to their complete nutritional makeup. However, significant research over the past 20 years has verified what traditional Chinese practitioners have known for centuries, medicinal mushrooms are phenomenal beacons of health.

DNA sequencing in the early 1990’s discovered that fungi are not actually a part of the plant kingdom. Mushrooms are now regarded as their own kingdom with each class and family boasting unique physiological properties. Mushrooms possess their own immune systems and are intelligent.

A New Discovery

In 1983, a unique strain of Lion’s Mane was discovered in the mountains of Central China. It has superior bio-activity to other varieties of Lion’s Mane native to North America, Europe and Asia – a fact that motivated highly respected Chinese businessman, He Shu Jin, the Champion of and founder of a large pharmaceutical manufacturing company.

Breakthrough Nutritional Innovation

He Shu Jin has dedicated over 34 years into the research and development of this evolutionary nutritional technology. He and his team have developed and perfected Bio-Transformation Technology™. Bio-Transformation Technology™ utilizes the remarkable characteristic for this mushroom to assimilate organic bio-activity and benefits from its growing medium while retaining its naturally-occurring bio-activity.

Supported by decades of laboratory science, university research, clinical application and protected by patents-pending in China and the United States, in 2014 he built a multimillion-dollar, 60,000 square foot US production and extraction facility specifically designed and dedicated to supplying this fourth generation raw material.

Lion's Mane Superiority 

Scientists discovered a unique polysaccharide in Lion’s Mane they call BRM (Biological Response Modfier), which most closely translated from Eastern culture purports “magical” functions due to its synergistic capabilities. Hericium Erinaceus is the richest source of BRM. The 21st century is recognized as the “century of the mushroom polysaccharide” in Chinese medicine.

The Bio-Transformation Process

The Bio-Transformation Technology™ utilizes directional culturing and bi-directional Transformation and has multiple patent-pending. This ability to organically infuse Hericium Erinaceus with the specific bio-activity of other medicinal plants and herbs means this raw material could target and transform specific health challenges even more effectively.

We begin with nutrient-dense organic material like corn millet caving as a nutrient substrate. We blend that with carefully selected Chinese herbs with a long and documented history of use in Chinese medicine to deliver specific functionality. We never utilize genetically-modified (non-GMO) or synthetic materials.

Next, we meticulously place the Hericium Erinaceus strain into a patent-pending culturing container with the nutrient and functional substrates. Each strain is cultured in a climatecontrolled laboratory environment for approximately 40 days, allowing the strain to consume all the substrate and organic bioactive compounds.

Finally, we harvest, extract and freeze-dry the material. Each batch’s nutritional and bio-active components are independently verified prior to release.

Fourth Generation Raw Ingredient

Our super-infused Lion’s Mane is rich in organic polysaccharides, proteins, cellulase, metabolites, fiber, amino acids, vitamins, fatty acids, digestive enzymes and the newly identified Biological Response Modifier (BRM). This matrix supports the body’s primary systems at the cellular level.

We employ no synthetic ingredients. The organic components are naturally concentrated from a single-source whole-food that is produced intentionally to be readily bio-available to the body.

This raw ingredient has many benefits. It supports: strong immune system and improved immune function, lower stress, less fatigue, cognitive and executive function, better memory, creativity, and memory support, cardiovascular, cerebrovascular and digestive systems.

Lion's Mane in the Marketplace

The majority of Lion’s Mane is harvested in the wild and a few commercial facilities do grow medicinal mushrooms. XinDu produces the only Lion’s Mane product that uses Bio- Transformation Technology™ in the marketplace - it is truly peerless. It represents the world’s best science in directional culturing and bi-directional transformation.


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