™ has done it again! With the recent launch of value added listings, including branded ingredients on the platform, the selection of high quality nutritional and food ingredients offered to approved buyers is expanding. The™ platform took the industry by storm three years ago by introducing a revolutionary global transparent, neutral, e-commerce solution for the nutrition and food ingredient industry. Beginning this fall,™ introduced a range of disruptive enhancements that allows buyers to choose from an increasing universe of ingredients to fuel their company’s innovation and existing supply chain.

The recent upgrade to the platform allows buyers to (1) extend the convenient and efficient online experience to important leading branded ingredients that will help drive their consumer product success, (2) continue the digital transformation of their purchasing process to supplement in-person relationships, (3) gain new consumer and clinical insights to support innovation, (4) compare offerings and chose the ingredient that is right for them, and (5) see the product offering 24/7/365.™ launched the Branded Ingredient Program in November 2018 at the SupplySide West Show in Las Vegas.

Buyers are looking for the best overall value for their purchasing dollars and this includes finding differentiated ingredients that drive their consumer business. It does not always mean the lowest price per pound or kilo. Buyers want more than the basics. They want benefits beyond the ingredient from suppliers such as information on various applications, intellectual property, clinical research, consumer and market data, and current industry news. These are the new features available to buyers from sellers who populate and manage their content on the platform, and are all well worth the extra investment in the price of the ingredient!

Overview: Buyers will be able to see a product overview, including the brand logo. They can learn what it stands for and how it could be used to drive sales, including understanding applications and treatments of the brand in action. This section could include additional product benefits. Buyers will also have access to selected sale sheets, product Information, frequently asked questions and other online related web links and resources.

Newsroom: Buyers will see awards and achievements related to these companies and their ingredient product lines; fast and convenient and right at your fingertips during the buying process. The Newsroom will be populated with things like press releases, infographics, white papers, videos and webinar links.

Application: There will be a way to cleanly show “Applications” for formulated ingredients that fit with current trends and are supported in many cases by technical service or other value added benefits with the maker of the ingredient.

Intellectual Property: Now buyers will have ready access to information on intellectual property assets for a technology or ingredient, including patents and trademarks.

Clinical Research: Buyers will be able to see research on ingredients, including published clinical research from journals like JAMA. They can see clinical trial results and conclusions, toxicology studies, chemistry information and mechanisms of action.

Consumer Market: The latest consumer trends impacted by each ingredient may be listed in this section. This is the basis of consumer product innovation and an area where many ingredient companies are investing. Buyers will be able to see market research and consumer studies.

These new features are transforming the buying experience, making it easier for purchasers and sourcing teams to do their jobs across the board with more and more ingredients. The new tech savvy workforce expects to be able to leverage the power of the net to execute their job and support marketing, innovation and R&D in their companies. These enhancements are just the most recent innovation to make the platform more and more relevant to excelling in their roles.

Jason Pontes - Director, Supply Chain & Procurement at Cott Beverages — a leading global consumer product beverage producer — says: "The platform is one of our go-to tools for purchasing nutritional ingredients. We expect to find both basic and innovative products on the site, along with immediate access to the required quality and regulatory documentation. Suppliers that list their ingredients stand a better chance of being noticed by our development team as we build new formulations and fulfill needs for existing consumer products."

Buyers are hiring more millennial and other tech savvy employees who are looking first to the web for resources and tools to do their work. This is the online environment they know and where they are comfortable.

Over 5,000 registered members have already experienced the disruptive benefits of using e-commerce for the basics of quality, origin and price, but now buyers will see new value added ingredients providing more information and services on their innovative ingredients. The benefits of purchasing online in a neutral serviceoriented platform are paying off big for small and large companies. The proof is in the results and these e-commerce enhancements are helping more buyers achieve their goals every day.

To watch a short Nutraingredients video about our Branded Ingredient launch from SupplySide West, visit


About the author: Steve Snyder is an accomplished executive with experience in start-up, middle market and large multinational companies in a range of industries, including food, nutrition, pharma, biotechnology, agriculture and specialty chemicals. He is currently a strategic consultant to the company providing support for corporate growth initiatives. Prior to this role, he served as President and COO for Neogen Corporation — a publicly traded food safety, animal genomics and animal safety company — and St. Renatus — an early stage pharmaceutical company. He spent over 12 years at Cargill in progressive leadership roles growing nutritional, food ingredient and bio-industrial businesses, including leading the launch of Truvia™ brand natural high intensity sweetener and Corowise™ plant sterols. Steve earned his bachelor’s degree in chemistry from Phillips University and his master’s in business administration from Harvard Business School.