As part of the Technology & Transparency U.S. to China Tour,™ was joined by Heather Granato, VP of Content for Informa. Heather’s goal for the trip was to see first-hand how technology is shaping the way nutritional raw materials are manufactured, as well as how transparency is shaping the way companies do business with these factories. Listen as Heather speaks with representatives from Shaklee, ADH, NOW Foods, NASC, Threshold and Cott Beverage while they discuss how technology is shaping their opinions of the industry as whole, and where they think major shifts are occurring in part 1 of the Healthy Insider Podcast: Exploring Technology & Transparency.


In part 2 of the Healthy Insider Podcast: Exploring Technology & Transparency, Heather discusses the changes taking place in China and throughout the supply chain as transparency comes to the forefront of ingredient manufacturing. Listen as Heather speaks to industry representatives about their experience on the ground in China, and why experiencing these facilities first-hand was so rewarding.