La Mirada, CA- April 27, 2015 As one of the top distributors of nutritional raw ingredients in North America, GWI strives to promote transparency and accessibility in the industry by launching a first-of-its-kind E-commerce platform,

In addition to the extensive offline service and solutions, the add-on service brought by the online store provides huge convenience and efficiency to customers. During non-business hours, customers can still order with GWI through the 24-hour, 7-day-a-week platform. It enables users to view prices, check GWI inventory, get freight quotes, download documents, and place orders anytime, anywhere. Customers can now manage their accounts, make purchases, and retrieve all the information they need instantly.

“GWI prides itself on providing quality products and comprehensive services to all customers”, says Sherry Wang, President of GWI. “The E-commerce website serves as an additional solution for the convenience of customers, which is a global trend in the business world, and more importantly, a huge breakthrough for the raw materials industry. We will continue to develop and enhance the service of the E-commerce website for a comprehensive ingredients purchasing experience available both offline and online.”

GWI is confident that both its products and service can meet customers’ needs in every way. With over 150 products ready for immediate purchase and new products gradually becoming available, the online store will expand GWI’s success in its offline operation into a brand new E-commerce sector, and reinforce GWI’s image as “The Ingredients Superstore”.

About GWI

Founded on the principles of reputable partnerships, trust, quality, value, and longevity, GWI Green Wave Ingredients is a leading distributor of finest raw materials and high quality nutritional ingredients. Operating from its headquarters in Southern California with an international team of experts, The Ingredients Superstore prides itself on keeping over 200 products in stock, maintaining over 100 international supplier relationships and offering customized supply chain solutions to its customers US wide. Maintaining a close and transparent relationship with all manufacturers, GWI offers products in the categories: Amino Acids, Food Additives, Herbal Extracts, Minerals, Supplements, Sweeteners and Vitamins.

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