Green Wave Ingredients Inc. has earned your business as a distributor of quality nutritional products. In our effort to be a world-class organization, create value, and exceed your expectations, we are proud to announce that we have rebranded Green Wave Ingredients Inc. as is a new online platform and exclusive service managed and operated by Green Wave Ingredients Inc. On the web site, you can see our Factory Direct Pricing, volume discounts, availability, product documents, and your customer reward point balance.  In addition, we have eliminated all credit card transaction fees for online orders. 


You will see the logo on all our documents. We will continue to provide the excellent customer service you have grown to expect from us.  Our e-mail domain will change to effective September 1, 2015.  All e-mails sent to our addresses will be automatically forwarded to our new addresses.


Mission Statement provides a factory direct marketplace where customers can buy quality nutritional ingredients directly from World-Class manufacturers through a unique E-commerce platform.


To be the customer’s first choice for supply chain solutions by providing premier quality ingredients at low cost with radical transparency and prompt fulfillment services, as well as building the best workplace for our talented employees.



Q: Now that you have, what is the role of Green Wave Ingredients?

A: is our new brand name. The company's legal name remains Green Wave Ingredients Inc., which manages and operates the new online platform.


Q: What exactly does "factory direct" mean and how does it work?

A: Factory direct means an elite group of factories sell their products directly to end users through e-commerce platform, just like The platform provides customer service, quality control and fulfillment service. With this model, customers get quality ingredients, U.S. stock, lower cost and prompt services.


Q: Can I still order over the phone/email/fax or do I have to use the online platform?

A: Of course, you can place your order over the phone or send us a purchase order. However, some customers who at first were unsure about using now prefer the new system because it saves them time, money, hassles, and they appreciate the transparency of the online platform.