, the industry’s first Global Factory Marketplace for nutritional raw materials and other fine ingredients announced its partnership with Shanghai Baosui, the largest Creatine factory in the world that allows customers to buy Baosui Creatine directly through their unique online platform.

“Were excited to partner with Baosui,” said GWI CEO Sherry Wang. “They have been our strategic partner for years, now with, we can put our resources together to deliver a quality product at a competitive price directly to US customers.”

“We are changing the way U.S. buyers of nutritional products do business with manufacturers.” Wang added. “This new business model is leveling the playing field for small and medium sized U.S. nutritional supplement companies who today are at a competitive disadvantage.”

“ is connecting our factory directly to the American Customer,” said Renxiang Gu, President of Shanghai Baosui, the largest creatine factory in the world. “Upon this opportunity to sell our products directly via, we plan to double our production later this year to support the online sales demands.”

Currently Baosui produces over 6000 metric tons of Creatine a year, which is equivalent to the amount the US demands annually. By expanding production, Baosui’s market share will become even larger, which means for every two bottles of Creatine product, there will be one using Baosui’s Creatine. now boasts over 800 registered users on their ecommerce platform. By partnering with world class manufacturers, customers who are a part of the online community now enjoy factory prices, comprehensive quality control, a transparent transaction, prompt shipment from ingredient’’s California and New Jersey warehouses, and 5-star Customer service. plans to sign more exclusive factory partnerships and add more products over the coming months as it expands its buy-direct ecommerce platform.

About isthe first Global Factory Marketplace for nutritional raw materials and other fine ingredients, connecting customers directly with world-class manufacturers through a unique online platform that delivers factory prices, U.S. stock, guaranteed quality control and best-in-class customer service and delivery. is operating and managed by Green Wave Ingredients (GWI).

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About Shanghai Baosui Chemical Company


Shanghai Baosui Chemical Company is the largest Creatine factory in the world. They are a Kosher, ISO and FSSC certified facility currently producing 6,000 metric tons of Creatine every year, which is equivalent to the amount the US demands annually.

During the past 5 years, Baosui’ s market share in the US is booming, going from 0% to now more than 40%. In recent years the factory put a big invest in quality control, environment and innovation. Recently Baosui achieved 70%+ automation in their production, making them ahead of the game.

Baosui’s brand is highly reputable in the global market because of their competitive pricing and superior quality. They are the go to manufacture by many major bodybuilding brand names.

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