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Access online QC docs from Alkemist Labs for these select ingredients:

Amla Extract 40% Tannins (25kg Drum) by S.A. Herbal

Green Coffee Bean P.E. 50% Chlorogenic Acid (25kg Drum) by S.A. Herbal

Coleus Forskohlii Extract 10% (25kg Drum) by Botanic Healthcare

Horny Goat Weed Extract 10% Icariin HPLC (25kg Drum) by Hongda

St. John's Wort P.E. 0.3% Hypericins UV (25kg Drum) by Hongda

Tribulus P.E. 45% Saponins UV (25kg Drum) by Hongda

Ginger Root Extract 5% Gingerols (25kg Drum) by Sanherb

Moringa Leaf Extract 10:1 (25kg Drum) by Sanherb

Longjack P.E 100:1 (25kg Drum) by Sanherb BioScience

Longjack P.E 100:1 (25kg Drum) by Sanherb Biotech

Maca Extract 10:1 (25kg Drum) by Huakang

Organic Sea Buckthorn Juice Powder (25kg Drum) by Yuensun