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[email protected] Announces 2018 Southern California Global Sourcing Event RoadShow Seminar

Join the team at our next educational event on Wednesday, June 6, 2018 in Tustin, Calif. This event commences at 9 a.m. and will offer continuing education on the unstable regulatory environment by providing insight from a leading industry speaker on the New Dietary Ingredients (NDI) and the FDA’s creation of the Old Dietary Ingredients (ODI) list.

Our speaker for this leg of the RoadShow will be Jim Lassiter, Founder & COO at Ingredient Identity. Hear Jim discuss some of the common underlying causes of RD, the risks associated and how it can be managed. Learn about the general management mindset, common misconceptions and other financial impacts which may lead to miscommunications and unnecessary operational stresses between departments that cause RD.

In addition, learn about the factory-direct e-commerce platform including market trends and intelligence directly from our teams in China, full transparency with downloadable, real-time U.S. inventory, QC documentation and quality control processes. QA/QC Manager, Felicia Ly, will present an in-depth view of procedures before and after ingredients are allowed onto the e-commerce platform. Felicia will go over procedures each factory must follow to become qualified and what she looks for in order to have confidence in each factory partner and their ingredients. She will also review internal practices at that assure QA/QC.

This event provides all of our guests the opportunity to network with other industry professionals while gaining awareness on regulatory dysfunction. 

This event is free, so visit to register today. 


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