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About Ecovatec Solutions Inc.


Ecovatec Solutions Inc. is a private Canadian based egg yolk processing company focused on innovative technology solutions. We are dedicated to delivering premium egg yolk ingredients to the nutraceutical, pharmaceutical, cosmetic, and food industries.

Ecovatec is at the forefront in the development of bioprotectants, such as phosvitin and phosvitin phosphopeptides (PPP), important multifunctional proteins and protein peptides extracted from egg yolk. We also specialize in high density lipoprotein (HDL), phospholipids, and egg oil products.

We are the first and only commercial producer of phosvitin and PPP, with technology patents pending. While egg phospholipids are already being commercially sold, none of our competitors produce it without using harsh solvents which denature the proteins, contaminates products with solvent residues, and increase manufacturing costs (through increased materials and waste disposal costs). Ecovatec is the first to patent processing methods that eliminate these problems.

One of Ecovatec’s priorities is to help drive the latest nutra-pharmaceutical research and developments in bio-active ingredients for use in combating heart, brain and bone related diseases. We partner with several research facilities to produce cutting-edge products with evidence-based results.

Our EcovaPure™ processing methods illustrate our commitment to purity, efficiency, and natural processing. EcovaPure™ technology uses low temperatures and no harmful chemicals to extract and separate high quality, functional food ingredients. We work with local egg producers to ensure Canadian Food Inspection Agency approved pasteurized yolk is the basis of all our products.

Ecovatec has a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility, licensed by the Canadian government, in Abbotsford, BC Canada.

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