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Customer Testimonials

 The online website makes ordering very easy. Thank you for helping streamline the process.   

Pam McLeod February 05, 2018 Specialty Pharmacy

 Happy Happy Happy! I can't believe how fast and efficient is. The communication is so good and they got my order out right away. I love that they provide an account manager so that I am always talking to the same person. I can't say enough about the customer service; super nice, efficient and they never leave you hanging. I found this company because I needed an ingredient from (at the time) my regular supplier but I couldn't get them to respond to my calls or emails. is now the company I will always go to first when sourcing all my ingredients. Great service and prices. Thank you so much!   

Margaret Baker February 02, 2018 CurEase

 I just want to give a "shout out" to our Regional Account Executive, Lydia Casanova. She is one of the most helpful and professional vendor representatives that I have ever dealt with. Every time I have a problem with finding a specific product, she is always able to locate it and walk me through the process of ordering it on you website. She even gives me suggestions on how she can save our company money by ordering through She is always nice and patient with me as I ask her questions. If some of our other vendors had people like Lydia, my job would be a lot easier.   

Mark Hansen January 29, 2018 Prolifix Nutrition, LLC

 Jill, thanks for helping me through the ordering process on your company's website. makes my job easier and the availability of this product gives my customers what they want.   

Carmen Esparza January 16, 2018 Natural Vitamins & Herbs

 Oh my goodness, am I glad that I found! Your traceability and documentation is second to none and the best part is I don't have to wait, it's all there with a few clicks. Lydia went above and beyond over the Thanksgiving holiday when she ensured back ordered material was received and my order was ready to ship out. We received the material earlier than expected and our customer was thrilled. is the first place I stop when I need to source new material. Thank you for making my job easier.   

Trish Frank December 18, 2017 GFR Pharma

 Your platform is my principal sale support, it's available from everywhere, anytime. The documentations, concentrations, availability and re-pack option are great. I have different providers but your platform is the quickest answer, and when it's not on your platform, your sales team (Lydia Casanova) have great and excellent support.   

Erwin Olivares December 06, 2017 JE Natural

 I just love your site and your customer service! Your company is really amazing and accommodating to our type of business.   

Lidia Dinges November 28, 2017 LTD

 Steve C. was fantastic! Thank you again for taking the time and helping our team navigate through the website. Tons of options and information through the newly designed web portal.   

Ed Maldonado October 18, 2017 GMP Products

 I'm new to this business and Lydia has made this whole process easy! Not to mention this website is awesome! Thank you for making this an easy process with great customer service to boot.   

Denys Gallentine October 18, 2017 The Ready Project

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